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Spring Exploration

Springtime is a time of nature’s blessings bringing young animals to life.  Explore springtime habitats both aquatic and forest using trail cameras, GoPros, tracking techniques and good old fashion hands-on investigation.  Then spring into our hydroponics lab and gardens putting your horticulture skills to the test.


Available for ages 7-17

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Explore up-close various springtime habitats that are bringing young animals to life across the camp property.  Uncover secrets to nesting, burrowing and denning that give the young animals of our wilderness the greatest chance of survival. 

  • Build frog homes for growing tadpoles near our shallow pond and vernal pool.  Discuss the nature of parents of young animals and their typical protective habits. 

  • Document the amazing beauty of both wildlife and plant growth in the wilderness during the months of spring through photography. 

  • Go on a tracking exploration to find animal tracks in the soft ground after the spring rains.  Follow the trail of tracks and learn what they can tell us about an animal and how to investigate evidence of their existence in the area by identifying marks on trees and even scat.  Then cast the tracks, photograph the scat, identify the animal in an Ohio Department of Natural Resources tracking guide, and document the findings. 

  • The growth of plant life is in full swing and ready to spring.  Explore our new hydroponics lab, learn the basics of hydroponics and discover how plants can grow in water verses soil.  Plant various seeds in our hydroponics lab and see the lab in action. 

  • Learn how to graph and plan a garden based on your space, soil, temperature and direction.  Put your horticulture skills to the test in our greenhouse and raised garden beds, practicing proper planting and various composting techniques. 

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