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Wilderness Club Fishing

Wilderness Club Fishing

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Get baited into a life-long sport of fishing.  Learn everything from the basics to advanced techniques becoming an avid angler.  Dive into the depths of fish habitats and uncover secrets for luring in the desired catch. 

Available for ages 7-17


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  • Learn how to appreciate the different types of rods and reels through casting contests.  Discover how to untangle or unsnag your line while fishing, but most importantly, tackle the art of knot tying and rigging your rod.          

  • Review what tools and supplies you should have in your tackle box and how to fish safely.  Lastly, learn about fish habitats and how they survive Ohio weather and pollution to sustain life.

  • Uncover the tips and tricks of different live and synthetic baits and learn how different fish are attracted to different foods and why. 

  • Learn how to be patient and when setting the hook to catch the big bite.  Discover different fishing techniques to help you lure fish based on the depth, bait and trolling.  Lastly, practice fish handling and proper hook removal.

  • Dive into a fishing derby, but the trick is you must find your own bait.  Go on a scavenger hunt digging or dunking for your own live bait and chart your fish with a measuring board.  Get tasked with simple raw materials to design and test your own hand-made fishing pole.  It is time for a real angler adventure.

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