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Orienteering Program

Orienteering Program

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Learn how to explore nature through the sport of navigation using a detailed map.  Grow your map reading and compass skills through a high energy adventure of trail hiking and running where you are the navigator.

Available for Ages 7-17 

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Orienteering is a high energy competitive sport that combines racing with navigation.  It is a timed race in which individual participants use a specially created highly detailed map to select routes and navigate through the wilderness. 

  • Learn the basics of enhanced, two or three-color topographic maps; reading and understanding the orienteering course that consists of a start, control flags and finish. 

  • Learn the basics of a base plate thumb compass for orienteering and navigation using hands-on activities.

  • Review how to interpret map symbols, colors, land features, trails and how to orient an orienteering map.  Continue to review how to navigate using a base plate thumb compass and orienting a compass to a map.  Learn what to do when lost on the course and how to use a safety bearing. 

  • Discover the difference in orienteering course levels and the purpose of control descriptions that assist you in finding control flags in the wild.

  • Navigate the entire orienteering course and document your time in a high energy fun challenge, testing your skills to reach new times and skill levels.

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