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Wilderness Survival Program

Wilderness Survival Program

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Wilderness Survival

Learn how to survive in Ohio’s wilderness through a fun and immersive experience that will prepare you for almost any survival scenario nature may present.


Available for ages 7-17


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Anyone at any time can suddenly find themselves dependent on their own resources for survival.  Learn how to be prepared with a personal survival kit before heading into the wilderness. 

  • Learn what things to pack in your hiking gear.  Discover how to properly prepare for trekking into the wild this includes anomalies, weather and more!

  • The first steps to survival training will be gaining critical skills in signaling for help and orienting oneself with natural features, resource and directional awareness.  Then, discover how to mentally rise above the obstacle of fear and stay focused.

  • Learn how to manage a medical emergency, administer basic first aid with bandages and splints, and build a rugged stretcher that could be used for transport through the woods if needed. 

  • Learn the basic benefits, needs and techniques of building multiple shelter types.  Discover how to build a shelter in the best possible location utilizing natural features for warmth and dryness while still staying visible to search parties.  

  • Then, learn how to find water and multiple ways to filter it for safe drinking.

  • The game of survival has now reached its peak and you need to build a fire for warmth, security and cooking.  Learn the basics of primitive fire building.

  • Lastly, test your skills in constructing a primitive fishing pole and try to catch a fish.

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