Instructional Fitness and Wellness

Personal Fitness and Wellness:


Instructional Athletic Performance Program ~ Sports ~ Dual Team Challenge Obstacle Course ~ Kids Cross Training Program ~ Boot Camp Fitness Program ~ Team-Building Challenges 

At Country Life Kids Camp, our goal is to stimulate a love for personal fitness and wellness in our youth by showing them how to have ownership and accelerate their own progress and success.  We strive to provide our youth with physical and mental discipline, self-confidence, teamwork and sportsmanship; all the tools to improve and to enjoy sport and physical fitness for life!



“We believe that learning to play the game is only half of the equation; the value of teaching children teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship goes beyond the game which is emphasized in our coaching character and team-building programs.“

Instructional Sports  

Specifically for Campers age 8-13





If your camper loves competitive sports and wants to be challenged by

a higher-level coaching experience, then our Instructional Sports

physical fitness track is the choice for you! 

Our Program will emphasize developing the complete athlete through exposing them to a variety of sport disciplines and progressive skill sets, games and athletic contests that will establish an athletic tool kit to benefit them on the field, court or any athletic arena​.


It will entail instructional athletic training by certified professional coaches from around the region that are highly motivated and dedicated to helping your athlete achieve personal bests in athletics and agility.  A featured component of the Instructional Athletic Performance Training will include our Kids Cross Training Program


As a result of our growth, we are able to offer young athletes opportunities to increase their skill level and total body conditioning through weekly agility training that focuses on sport-specific movements and muscle groups to allow the athlete to effectively and efficiently coordinate skills.  Our agility training will focus on mobility; dynamic warm-ups; speed training and mechanics; jump training and mechanics; and strength and conditioning. 


Learn more about our Boot Camp Fitness Program!  This program is extended exclusively to those athletes who participate in four or more week long training sessions throughout the summer.                                                Click the icon to learn more>>



The camp offers progressive skill development with a focus on both the fundamentals and more advanced skill development.


Small group tactical development along with the coaching of team players in scrimmage situations and small-sided tournaments.



Each camper receives top-notch basketball instruction from some of the area's finest coaches & players.  Focus will be on basketball fundamentals with emphasis on offense and defensive individual skills.


Experienced players will receive advanced drills and concepts to take them to the next level.


Here you will enhance the fundamentals, develop proper
mechanics and gain game play experience. Players will be coached through several fundamental volleyball skills including, passing, setting, serving and hitting. Each player will receive quality instructions by coaches.

Through the games of kickball, softball, baseball and even cricket, campers will learn, develop and improve their overall play in fielding games.


Sports specific skills this week will focus on hitting mechanics, proper throwing mechanics and receiving/fielding fly-balls and ground balls. Offensive and defensive situations will be covered to allow campers a more in-depth understanding of the game and becoming mentally focused and situational smart in the field, the batter’s box and on the bases.

Participating in a wide variety of sports and various disciplines of athletics allows children to gain different kinds of skills that they can apply from one sport to the next, including hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, explosion, communication and athletic agility. This week will allow each camper to experience a wide variety of sports skills such as ultimate-Frisbee, rugby, basketball, soccer and much, much more. 

golf tennis.jpg

The week’s sport emphasis will be on introductory golf skills and tennis basics that will culminate in the Club Championship at CLKC.


Fun and challenges await as we introduce, develop, and improve on the games of golf and tennis and the confidence to challenge each other to compete as first class athletes with a sense of pride, tradition and etiquette of sportsmanship!

This week forges the opportunity for the positive development of the young athlete to strive to excel physically and mentally as an individual, along with the support of coaches, trainers, and their peers. Developing, Improving and Achieving in physical and mental challenges, will allow each individual to gain a better understanding of what it takes to improve and succeed athletically in the areas of strength, endurance and perseverance.  The week will culminate with a fun, competitive Warrior Challenge
Event that will test each camper to complete various obstacles, challenges, and the Titan
Rig with the Warrior Challenge.