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Country Life Kids Camp offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for teens through college age students with a passion for leading, teaching and inspiring our youth.  All young adults struggle with life battles facing adversity, social challenges, changes in responsibilities, freedoms, discovering their identity, finding a life purpose, etc.  This training experience provides not only a work experience, but also a tool kit for life in the business world.  Through a supportive atmosphere, we help young adults discover their strengths, gain confidence and learn valuable leadership lessons in an environment where accountability, good decision-making and safety come first.  Our program engages young adults with the opportunity to share their time and talent with younger children and take an active role in building this ever-important ministry of making a difference in a young child’s life.  We encourage you and your family to click the links to our brochures below that might fit the experience you are looking for based on your age and graduate status.  We encourage you to apply and interview with us for this amazing opportunity.  Please note that if you cannot commit to the time commitment required we encourage you to contact us about our volunteer and service hour opportunities for all ages!   

Our staff consists of only the most qualified and passionate counselors.  In fact, each counselor under the age of 25 is first admitted into our Camp Counselor in Training, Staff in Training or Internship programs.  These three programs are geared for different ages and are competitive feeder programs for us to select the best counselors for our camp.  They are three week volunteer programs that provide the future counselors with the mentoring, training and experience needed to succeed.

High School Students

Camp Counselor in Training & Leadership Program

Posted December 20, 2013


In our Leadership & Mentor Program, teens are discovering strengths, and gaining confidence as they learn valuable leadership lessons over a four week program.


Our program engages young adults with the opportunity to share their time and talent with younger children.


They are taking an active role in building this ever important ministry of making a difference in a young child’s life.


Our mentoring  program is in a nurturing family-type atmosphere, allowing you an opportunity to develop life skills in a non-threatening environment.


Developing the whole person is encouraged through a supportive atmosphere of leadership and mentoring.


Our Camp Counselors In-Training (CCIT) program offers a great leadership and volunteer opportunity for young adults in high school.  The grade and age requirements for this program is that you need to have completed 9th grade and must be 15 years old or older.


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                                                                                  What are Counselors in Training saying about this Program?  

"Working at Country Life Kids Camp as a Camp Counselor in Training (CCIT) definitely impacted me long term.  Coming into camp, I was kind of nervous, I thought I would be the "low kid on the totem pole" since I was the youngest and that counselors wouldn't look at me as a responsible person and that the kids would ignore me because I am only sixteen.  I was wrong.  Everyone was so nice and respectful, what I enjoyed most was getting to work with so many different kinds of people.  I learned to appreciate the unique qualities that every child and counselor processes."     -Jess Dutko

College Students

Staff in Training


Our Staff in Training Program helps college students in the field of coaching and education, discover their strengths and gain confidence as they learn from valuable experiences daily over a 3-week period.


They are taking an active role in building this ever-important ministry of making a difference in a child’s life. Our assistant camp director will be the adviser for the program and will work collaboratively with you to make this summer experience the best possible!


-Our Staff in Training Program allows you the opportunity to receive a referral letter along with the possibility of moving into a future position on our team.

-You may participate in our program all day, AM only or PM only. We are
flexible with your schedule as long as you keep good communication with

<<College Interns - Please contact the Camp Director to apply 330.723.5532

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Posted December 20, 2013


Individuals  (16 years old and older) are needed to

assist in the following areas:

  • Assisting naturalists with camp programs

  • Facilitating Gardening

  • Special Events

  • Aquatic/Fishing Education Events

  • Carpentry/Painting

  • Arts & Crafts


Please contact us at 330-723-5532 if you are interested in sharing your God given time and talents.


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Join our Team

Calling all Teachers and Coaches...

If changing young people’s lives and having some fun while you’re doing it sounds like a great way to spend your summer, then Country Life Kids Camp is your place to be.

Our program develops the whole person through a supportive atmosphere of academic excellence, athletic achievement and a variety of core character beliefs. We currently have an openings for teaching and coaching positions.  


Country Life Kids Camp offers children an outdoor habitat for learning with supportive curricular objectives in all program areas, including science, mathematics, natural history, wild life education, health, art, physical education and others. Habitats for learning are an ideal arena for cooperative learning, hands-on activities and problem solving.


We operate for 10 weeks in the summer Monday-Friday. For further job information and a greater understanding of the curriculum, please contact: Tina Bildstein (Director) 330.723.5532 or email

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  • Team Leader- 21 yrs old +


  • Coaches - Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball


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