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Camp Director's Welcome,

Thank you for choosing Country Life Kids Camp for your child’s summer camp experience!  You’ve given your child a wonderful gift – the opportunity to experience nature, develop their athletic abilities, learn new skills, and make meaningful new friendships. 


Development of the whole person is encouraged through a supportive atmosphere of academic excellence, athletic achievement, and a variety of core character beliefs.


We welcome children of all faiths to take full advantage of their individual, God-given  potential.  Your Children are surrounded by caring mentors, invested in helping them become the person you hope them to be.  Our staff feels a personal responsibility for the development and well-being of your child.


We’re committed to teaching the core values – respect, responsibility, honesty, caring, and creating a nurturing environment that supports what your kids are learning at home. Safety and supervision are essential components of our program.  We carefully select our counselors from a vigorously screened group and train them extensively.


At Country Life Kids Camp, we are guided by the mission to prepare our youth for the future by instilling in them character...values…leadership… and a moral compass by which to lead their lives.


We’re looking forward to a magical summer that inspires confidence in your child and creates wonderful memories.




Tina Bildstein,

Camp Director

Our Philosophy

Our Mission is to prepare our youth for the future by instilling in  them character...values…leadership… and a moral compass by which to lead their lives.


Country Life Kids Camp is about  changing the lives of children by  creating positive social growth through athletic performance  training that integrates and instills positive character traits with Christian values.


Our desire is to help children in spiritual growth and the opportunity to learn about achievement, charity, leadership, sportsmanship and  positive attitudes.




 Our History  

I have always envisioned lots of children on our property exploring the exciting world of nature, frolicking in the creeks, fishing in the ponds, gazing at the panoramic views, and enjoying the astounding beautiful park-like setting.  I imagined kids running around and playing on our property years before this dream became a reality.

After a 20 year career as a professional, working for a National Credit Reporting Company, I was blessed with the birth of my son, Matthew.  I was afforded the opportunity of          re-assessing my life goals and career path.  This career change allowed me time to recall the passion I have always had regarding teaching and coaching children.  I made a complete circle going back to my roots as a young adult.

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