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Badge and Certification Program


Our Wilderness Club offers more than just a fun engaging experience in nature.  It provides you with the opportunity to grow your knowledge of the natural world.  It also connects you to nature in ways that will help you grow your leadership skills, survival skills and character!  An important part of our Wilderness Club is our achievement badge and certification program.  Earning an achievement badge is a rewarding experience that teaches you how to serve, lead, inspire and explore.  An achievement badge proves that you took the responsibility to learn something new in a diverse range of natural and life sciences.

Once you complete one field trip program you will earn an achievement badge.  There are 5 field trips being offered and you can earn them all!  The certification letter is an additional advantage for 7th-12th graders.  We believe that everything you do matters, and the value gained from these experiences will prove as steppingstones for bigger life and school opportunities. 

If you are in grades 7-12, you will receive an additional certification letter to help you shine when seeking admissions into honor societies, clubs, private high schools, colleges and more!  This letter will be personalized for use as a recommendation letter or proof of participation.  We are proud to have a 100% success rate on referral letters we have provided for our college Staff in Training students when applying for professional internships, studies abroad and job opportunities!


Want to explore even more rewarding experiences beyond achievement badges?  Check out our high school and college volunteer mentoring and leadership development programs called, Camp Counselor in Training and Staff in Training.

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