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Week 3 Recap: Campers Soar to New Heights during "Spread Your Wings" Week

This week's theme was "Spread Your Wings", and our campers soared to new heights learning about all of our winged species and helping restore Country Like Kids Camp's (CLKC) natural habitats on camp property.

The Medina Raptor Center blessed us with a wonderful visit, bringing some large birds to explore up close and learn about.

The campers enjoyed learning about various bird species that habitat right here in Medina County.

Being up close to these amazing bird species brought a lot of excitement to our campers.

Keeping with the theme of "Spreading Your Wings", our campers learned to create their own kites.

Our campers surprised us and themselves on how creative they can be.

Just look at how awesome these kites turned out!

Of course, the best part of creating kites is actually making them fly!

We also made bird houses out of recyclable milk cartons.

The campers used the cartons as the bird feeder base, decorated them to be inclusive of birds' habitant, and hung them on the camp's property.

We would like to thank Ranger Ted for building and installing our new Butterfly Hatchery this week. Doesn't it look great!?!

Our Religion Program focused on Mark 9:23 which states, "Everything is possible for one who believes." Shawn Mendes and his hit song, "I Believe", inspired us to create our own "I Believe Board" that the campers put into action sharing their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

During our Coaching Character time, we learned about the Four Qualities that help campers become a complete kid:

1) Playing Hard

2) Playing Smart

3) Playing Together

4) Playing True

These four components allow campers to become highly teachable, coachable, and approachable, giving them the ability to reach their highest potential.

The campers played the game of Speed Ball.

A fast-paced game, Speed Ball combines elements of soccer, football, and basketball.

In our young finance program, we learned different ways to save money and

played a "spend or save" game.

Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins!

Instructional Sports Fitness Program

Our sport-focus this week was developing the total soccer player.

We focused on foot skills.

We taught the proper shooting techniques.

We spent time on short-sided soccer games to improve ability, overall game awareness, and strategic intelligence.

During our Sports Ethics time, we discussed the importance of respect and accountability.

Please know we still have openings for weeks 5, 6, 8, & 9 in our Instructional Sports Fitness Program for campers who are nine or older. If interested, please enroll at Enroll (

To learn more about Country Life Kids Camp, please visit

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