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Instructional Sports Fitness Track

     Instructional Sports are for campers ages 8-13, and provide athletic training and instruction by highly motivated, certified, professional coaches from around the region who are dedicated to helping your camper achieve personal bests in athletics and agility training.  

     If your camper loves competitive sports and wants to be challenged by a higher-level coaching experience, then read on and check out these Instructional Sports Camps.  Every camper still will experience  the fun weekly themes, related special events, hands on Science activities, a young naturalist program, academic & spiritual enrichment, character education, art, music and good old fashion summer camp fun all rolled into one.  We are excited to let you know about some other new programs that are part of our Instructional Sports Camps like the "Dynamic Athlete Program" and the "Warrior Week Program".  Please review the articles below as well as the Instructional Sports Schedule for more details.

Country Life Kids Camp’s goal is to empower as many young lives as possible to take ownership of their health and well being, for life.  We take group training and individualize it for every child, every day.  


This program provides the athlete with the necessary knowledge to proactively measure their fitness level for a lifetime.  The process will entail evaluating and accessing the athletes baseline measurements beginning at the first week and the final week of their participation.  Throughout the training weeks, the campers will learn about fitness education, nutrition, and self evaluations to track their healthy progress and to reach their goals. 

>The Boot Camp fitness program is offered only to those camper athletes who participate in four or more week long training sessions throughout the entire summer.

NEW! Kid's Cross Training Program

As a result of our growth, we are able to offer young athletes opportunities to increase their skill level and total body conditioning through weekly agility training that focuses on sport specific movements and muscle groups to allow the athlete to effectively and efficiently coordinate skills.  Our NEW agility training will focus on mobility, dynamic warm-ups, speed training and mechanics, jump training and mechanics and strength and conditioning. 


If you have an athlete who wants to get the edge on their competition, and has the desire to improve their sport, then this is the right training for them.  You will not be disappointed, and your child will thank you for giving them the best opportunity to excel.

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