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Week 8 Recap: Crusading like Indiana Jones

Campers became geoscientists this week as the studies of Earth, energy, and environmental sciences were combined into a fantastic trio of learning and fun. They studied tectonics, unveiled treasures, crafted their own paper and hieroglyphics, erupted volcanoes, created liquid gold, and more!

During Art Class, the campers made their own papyrus for their scrolls. After a day of drying, the campers wrote their own hieroglyphics on their scrolls (ask your camper what their secret message is on their scroll).

The campers were immersed into the movie realm of Indiana Jones as they journeyed through an Obstacle Course Challenge that mentally and physically challenged them as they bravely entered a haunted forest, swung past a sand pit of snakes, climbed over a graveyard, crawled through a tunnel of spiders, pushed a large boulder, and entered a treasure room with surprises around every corner.

The campers loved every minute as their imagination was taking it to a new level of fun.

The quest began by retrieving an ancient map that led the campers to artifacts and glyphs retrieving clues and evidence to unlock a secret treasure.

The campers learned to play crab soccer, which was an excellent activity to learn and develop their teamworking skills.

Campers showed off their Lego-building skills by creating their own Indiana Jones quest worlds.

During our quest adventures, our campers explored and found interesting living creatures.

The campers' quest also included a ride on the super large slip-in-slide, perfect for a hot summer day.

This week, our campers learned the importance of teamwork, curiosity, and discovery.

Dr. Jones would be proud of our adventurous campers!

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