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Week 9 Recap: Festival of Fun!

This past week at camp, we celebrated all of our favorite sports, games, and activities from the past 15 years. We enjoyed everything from a foam pit to a slip-n-slide to laser tag to a STEM sling shot challenge to creek walks and more.

Our foam pit has always been a big hit with our campers. Watching our campers laugh and have fun was a joy to experience.

During the week, our campers participated in Speed Ball with shaving cream.

Everyone got into the shaving cream fun, including our Camp Counselors.

In Art Class, the campers celebrated "themselves" by creating abstract collages that represented their own unique likes, talents, and style.

Their collages were hung up and campers made presentations about themselves.

This week some campers participated in karaoke, showing off their singing and dancing skills.

Our weekly creek walks are a tradition at Country Life Kids Camp where our young adventurers go into the wild and learn about nature.

We had two special visitors at camp this week, with a wild turkey and a young deer wanting to participate in our games.

Morgan, Nick, Joey, and Sebastian are some of the CCITs (Camp Counselors in Training) and former campers who helped make this year very special for our campers and families. Thank you CCITs for all of your special talents and hard work this year!

We are blessed to have such wonderful campers and families who all help make Country Life Kids Camp exceptional and unique. We wish you all a wonderful school year full of learning and fun!

Don’t forget that our discount for our fall Wilderness Club ends on 8/15! We will be hosting a fishing camp on Sept. 9th from 10am – 4pm. This is a unique opportunity to catch our stocked Tilapia that have been growing all summer long..they are HUGE and fun to catch! Group discounts for this event are available if you would like to come as a group!

On behalf of our team, and the campers we serve, please accept our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support. We look forward to an exciting future because of your generosity and that of others who value the mission and purpose of Country Life Kids Camp. We look forward to seeing you next summer!

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