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Week 7 Recap: The Force is Strong with our Campers

Star Wars came to Country Life Kids Camp this week as our theme was "Jedi Trials". The campers learned how to be mission-minded and navigated through intense physical training with Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

All week our campers learned about the power of the force, and how to use the force as young jedi trainees.

"There is no try...only do" were the teachings of Yoda to Luke in the Star Wars movies. We applied those principles this week into our jedi training camp.

The campers were launched into light years of rocketry. We learned about the space race and our new ambitions that will take us back to the moon and beyond.

In our mystery lab, we engineered mini-light sabers and designed Rebel vs

the Empire balloon aircraft to race!

For our Random Acts of Kindness, campers learned life skills in taking care of their baby Yoda (decorated egg), created a felt bed for their baby Yoda, and took care of their baby Yoda every day.

During Art Class, campers created artwork of sunsets and sunrises that had Star Wars silhouettes.

Campers built Lego-themed Star Wars creations too.

Country Life Kids Camp (CLKC) became a mission control center for a day, connecting space sciences to space engineering while designing fueled model rockets to launch high above CLKC. The campers enjoyed launching their rockets in teams.

The campers engaged in an epic battle of capture the flag between the Empire and the Rebellion.

In celebration of CLKC's 15th anniversary, our campers learned about the power of entrepreneurship in helping to raise funds for the camp via their Lemonade Stand. Thank you to all the parents and families who purchased lemonade this past week. Of course, the lemonade stand was Star Wars themed.

During our Instructional Sports Fitness Program this week, the campers reached for the hoops and stars this week as they rocked the week with basketball.

The emphasis this week was on further developing the camper's skills and the mind-set to be a contributor on the court. Fun and exciting drills and skill-work helped establish solid skill acquisition to propel the camper's individual game; along with challenging activities that will help make them great team players both offensively and defensively.

Congratulations to our young jedi trainees, who showed us the power of their character, as well as their physical and mental abilities.

May the Force be With You all this week!

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