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Week 3: Superhero Kids

This week at Country Life Kids Camp, our campers proved that within each and every one of them, they have special talents. The theme this week was Marvel Championship Games and our young superheroes showed off their skills.

During our Team Building sessions, groups worked together to create Iron Man's Skyscraper. They had to build the tallest standing tower using pool noodles and masking tape. Tony Stark would be so impressed!

During our Life Skills session, our campers used hammers and tools that included screws, nuts, and washers, to create stamps. Handiwork helps us learn responsibility and innovation!

In Arts and Crafts, our campers created superhero figurines out of pipe cleaners, plastic straws, and a whole lot of creativity.

In our Young Naturalists program, we learned about adaptation in nature and identified wildlife.

We went exploring on our Creek Walk and found interesting creatures. The adventure also helped our campers stay cool during the hot week.

The Special Event this week was Marvel Championship and Bootcamp training. We put the campers to the test with physical and mental challenges in order to become superheroes.

Our campers were challenged to push themselves to become the best they can be. Superhero training is a lot of hard work and discipline, but worth it in the end.

The spider web challenge distinguished the superheroes from the villians.

Our campers flexed their muscles and used their strength during our tug-of-war session.

In our Instructional Sports program, our young athletes focused on how to play smart and simple one to two touch soccer through fundamental training and small sided games.

Campers worked on their dribbling, shooting, passing, juggling, crossing, heading, and tackling with accuracy and confidence.

Each athlete had the opportunities to train both physically and mentally daily for development of the complete player.

Our campers learned about identifying and managing intense feelings. We focused on strategies that we can all use to deal with our emotions. We gaged what zone our emotions fall in to and how our bodies help us identify how we are feeling.

The week concluded with our Superhero campers defeating the villians and becoming the best versions of themselves.

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