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Traditional Summer Camp

Thank you for considering Country Life Kids Camp for your child's summer camp experience! When you register, you will notice some new choices for your child's camp experience.  As a result of our growth, we are unveiling NEW options for your child's camp experience.  Each Child will have the choice of either Instructional Sports Camps or Traditional Summer Camp.  


Both options will afford every camper  the opportunity to experience elements of the TRADITIONAL aspects of the "Camp Adventure" including weekly themes that incorporate related special events, zip line fun, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), Young Naturalist education, Spiritual enrichment, Character education, Art and Music hands on enrichment.  The difference, and your choice will be in the physical activity portion of camp.  We will discuss the Traditional Summer Camp experience here.

Our Traditional Summer Camp includes Cooperative Games & Team Building Challenges for the physical activity portion of your child’s camp experience. Also please take a look at the Activities Page for more details. 


The learning goals of the cooperative games are to increase the campers’ sense of personal confidence, to develop interactive and cooperative team building skills, to increase their level of physical conditioning, encourage problem solving and decision-making skills and let campers play in a fun and supportive environment without fear of failure.


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