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Tina Bildstein,  Camp Director


Tina Bildstein stands at the helm of Country Life Kids Camp as its founder and director, bringing over two decades of dedicated service to youth sports and education. Her extensive experience includes coaching roles at the University of Akron, Wayne College, and Thiel College, where she has not only coached but also mentored countless athletes, fostering their growth and potential. 

As an All-American and a multi-sport athlete in High School and at Penn State University, Tina’s own athletic journey is a testament to her understanding of the discipline and mental fortitude required for success in sports. 

In her ongoing commitment to the community, Tina volunteers her expertise to help children master the fundamentals of basketball, volleyball, and soccer. She served as a board member for St Francis Xavier Parish - CYO and coaches the 7th-grade boys’ basketball team, continuing a tradition of coaching various CYO sports for over a dozen years. 

Kim Tuchek, the CYO athletic director, praises Tina for her innovative basketball program for young learners, highlighting her ability to instill teamwork and sportsmanship. Tina’s passion for teaching and her vibrant spirit have been pivotal to the program’s success, earning accolades from both campers and parents alike.


Tina Bildstein’s leadership at Country Life Kids Camp is characterized by her unwavering spirit and commitment to nurturing the next generation of athletes and leaders. 

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