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Week 2 Recap: "Hook, Line, & Sinker" Reels in Campers

The theme this week...“Hook, Line, and Sinker”...brought out the sense of adventure in our campers. The campers enjoyed learning more about the life-long sport of fishing and aquatic ecosystems.

The campers came home this week with knowledge about fish identification, casting, and fishing techniques.

During this program campers learned rigging, knot tying, fish handling, fish identification, fish habitat, and casting.

Our campers got hooked with our annual fishing derby.

They took to the shores and fished for multiple species of both big and small fish in our yearly stocked ponds.

Congratulations to our fishing derby winners! The most caught fish by a single angler was 6 fish, and our two largest fish caught was an 11.5-inch Tilapia and a 10-inch Large Mouth Bass!

During our Mystery Lab, our campers learned about Ice Fishing.

Our campers learned "Gyotaku" (an ancient Japanese art of fish stamping). They also made aquatic salt dough creations, and more!

During our religion session we opened our hearts and minds to God’s miracles and discussed how Jesus fed 5,000 with only two fish and five loaves of bread.

The campers explored our waters and discovered some of the most interesting life in the aquatic biomes!

We used nets to catch minnows, tadpoles, snails, dragonfly nymphs, water striders, and more.

The campers participated in our water wall, where they organized different pieces of the wall to flow water from the top of the wall down to the creek.

Instructional Sports Fitness Track

Our basketball courts were bouncing with activity!

Within our athletic performance camp, we focused on basic offensive and defensive skills, shooting techniques and short-sided basketball games to improve ability, overall game awareness, and strategic intelligence.

This week’s emphasis focused on developing the skills and the mind-set to be a contributor on the court.

Fun and exciting drills and skill-work established solid skill acquisition that propelled individual game learning, along with challenging lead-up activities that made them great team players on offense and defense.

Co-Operative Games

Our goal this week was to help campers gain the skills and confidence needed to enjoy pickleball and general daily exercise for life.

Getting creative with games approach style learning is our specialty, striving to help every camper feel involved no matter their skill level.

If you are interested in learning more about Country Life Kids Camp, please visit us online at

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