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I have always envisioned lots of children on our property exploring the exciting world of nature, frolicking in the creeks, fishing in the ponds, gazing at the panoramic views and enjoying the astounding beautiful park-like setting.  I imagined kids running around and playing on our property years before this dream became a reality.  After a 20 year career as a professional, working for a National Credit Reporting Company, I was blessed with the birth of my son, Matthew.  I was afforded the opportunity of re-assessing my life goals and career path.  This career change allowed me time to recall the passion I have always had regarding teaching and coaching children.  I made a complete circle going back to my roots as a young adult.


My husband and I had no family ties in Medina, and we found that during the summer months, options for childcare were limited.  Everything was structured indoors, more of a school type of environment.  We wanted something special, something different, and our special property that is a park like setting provided the opportunity to share this beauty with other families.  Where our son could “just be a kid” exploring that sense of wonder and freedom of the outdoors, like when we were growing up.  My dream was for Matthew to be able to experience exhilarating activities, outdoor adventure, playing sports with other children, learning life lessons, and having fun in a safe environment.  

Ten years ago, our family started Country Life Kids Camp.  I listened to the words at church on Stewardship, about how God calls us each by name to do special things.  I believe this is my unique role to carry out His plan by helping our community with their children during the summer.  I experienced the challenges as a working mother to find an environment where my child is truly nurtured, having fun and is happy.  At Country Life Kids Camp we offer a unique safe place for children to play, explore and learn.  As disciples, our family donates our time, talents, and treasures toward this passion.  I believe we can all make a difference in a child’s life.  Country Life Kids Camp is our way of giving back, by offering a sense of peace to parents.


Country Life Kids Camp takes campers to the classroom of nature as they learn to care for the earth.  The camp is situated on 19 magnificent acres sprinkled with woods, fields, streams and ponds.  Hiking through the woods, observing water species in one of four ponds on the grounds, viewing hundreds of tree and plant life specimens, and coexisting with many friendly creatures that call Country Life Kids Camp home, makes each new day one filled with discoveries. The beautiful wooded ground invites your camper into a world of exploration like no other summer day camp.

We are committed to the development of campers' life skills in a Christian environment by offering wild life education and nature skills, athletic performance training, team building challenges, academics and hands-on science activities. Country Life Kids Camp has good old summertime FUN in a safe, educational and loving atmosphere.


"Where kids can be kids, playing outdoors and enjoying the freedom of summer”




Country Life Kids Camp is owned and operated by Country Life Kids Camp, Inc., an Ohio non-profit corporation.

Our History

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